Serato Flip / Serato DJ 1.7

Serato hat für diesen September die neue Version von Serato DJ angekündigt: Serato DJ 1.7.


Neben ein paar Bugfixes und einigen kleinen Änderungen (siehe Liste unten) kommt mit Serato Flip ein schickes neues (und außerhalb des Erwerbs neuer Controller wie zum Beispiel des Pioneer DDJ-SX2 kostenpflichtiges) Add-On. UNd was kann Serato Flip?

Kurz gesagt: mit Serato Flip kann man Loops, Cues, Scratches und alles was man eben so macht aufzeichnen, speichern und im Playback wieder abfeuern. Also nicht wie ein Sample, sondern quasi als Steuerungsroutine. Sperrig beschrieben, am besten schaut ihr euch mal das Video an.

Hier eine Liste der Änderungen:

New Features

  • MIDI Panel for MIDI mapping additional features
  • Hide Track/Artist Info (ALT + M keyboard shortcut)
  • Sort Cues Chronologically
  • Ability to re-order Cue Points by dragging and dropping
  • Right click Cue Point trigger to change Cue Point colour
  • Tempo nudge and range buttons available in MIDI mapping mode for controllers
  • Mic/aux input recording for supported controllers

Expansion Packs

  • Serato Flip
  • DVS Expansion (for supported Controllers only)

Added Serato DJ Hardware Support

  • Numark NV
  • Akai AMX
  • Akai AFX

Other Changes

  • Support for Mac OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard discontinued
  • Updated drivers for all supported Rane hardware
  • Optimised Platter Latency for the Pioneer DDJ-SX
  • Slicer Mode for Vestax VCI-400 (SHIFT + ROLL)
  • Slicer Mode/BPM display for Reloop RP-8000
  • Mapped SHIFT + AUTO to Reloop/Exit on the Denon MC2000
  • Update to Serato DJ Thru mode logic for Rane devices. Hardware Thru mode and software Thru mode are now kept in sync, removing any drop in audio when switching
  • Improvements to CTRL + F search functionality
  • Numark Mixtrack Pro II RELOOP button now mapped to “Reloop” instead of “Loop On/Off”
  • Vestax VCI-300 BACK & FWD are now mapped to back/fwd functionality
  • Novation TWITCH touchstrip sensitivity adjusted to be closer to Serato ITCH sensitivity
  • Numark V7 LOOP CONTROL ON/OFF button now activates the last active loop instead of creating a new loop, aligning with Serato ITCH spec
  • BPM Meter for Numark V7, NS7, NS6 adjusted to be more precise
  • Additional controls available for MIDI mapping on Rane Sixty Series Mixers
    • Rane Sixty-One: All controls
    • Rane Sixty-Two, Sixty-Four and Sixty-Eight: FX section (all layers), Mixer section [EQ’s, faders] (all layers), Mic (all layers), All controls (secondary layers)

Bug Fixes

  • Memory Optimisation to increase the limit of files/crates allowed in Serato DJ
  • Recording Input for Rane devices not saved between sessions
  • Can’t use keyboard shortcuts to load to opposite deck when using Numark V7
  • Serato DJ Waveforms & GUI can become laggy when CDJs are connected in HID mode
  • Noise Sensitivity threshold now defaults -48 instead of -24 for DVS devices
  • Serato Video auto cross fader doesn’t move far left or right when set to a fast speed
  • Crash during automated soak test
  • IN USE state on DVS mixers causes deck to be stuck in THRU for controllers after hotplugging
  • Waveform Overview is not updated when instant doubling with Serato Remote
  • Saved Video FX not backwards compatible with previous versions of Serato Video
  • Reverted jog wheel sensitivity increase for Reloop Terminal Mix 4 in Serato DJ 1.5 and above
  • 3 deck preference for Stack View mode is not remembered when switching between other views
  • CDJ HID mode display pitch percentage information is incorrect when using sync
  • Slip Mode not being displayed correctly on Vestax VCI-300
  • PFL button changes loop mode on Numark NS6
  • Novation TWITCH mic/aux on/off is always enabled on start up
  • Numark Mixdeck Quad hardware mixer controls are not read only in the setup screen
  • SP-6 Sample Player Master Volume level is not remembered between sessions
  • Active deck shortcut not in sync with active deck layer on the Pioneer DDJ-SZ
  • Stack view showing pitch -200% during reverse play
  • Clicking lock on saved loop slot de-activates currently active loop
  • Fix can’t reloop an active loop when deck is switched from ABS to REL
  • Video crashed shortly after clicking the Video button
  • Unable to control start/stop speed in Internal Mode with DVS devices
  • Serato DJ Crashes when loading specific .wav files
  • Resizing video output window to smallest size while video recording you will not be able to resize after
  • Serato DJ allows 2 x V7s to initiate with MASTER selected on both causing one deck to not function correctly
  • Crash during automated soak test
  • Pioneer CDJ-850 TIME button not working
  • Unable to longer load files from the files panel to the deck when using the DDJ-SZ browse knob
  • Numark Mixtrack Quad wheel colour toggle also changes active layer in Serato DJ
  • Novation TWITCH Drop Button both toggles for both decks
  • Serato DJ switches back to 2 Deck view mode when switching back to Stack View Mode
  • Scratching/Platter movement is reversed on Numark MixDeck Quad
  • Serato DJ may crash when browsing the history panel
  • Hang when syncing music with multiple downbeat markers
  • Black/white screen and unable to open Serato DJ on windows 8 machines when utf-8 characters are in the user account name
  • Track BPM drops to lower value after needle dropping
  • ADJUST/SLIP button on right deck of Novation TWITCH lighting not working correctly
  • Serato DJ does not restart correctly after installing Rane drivers from within the application on Mac

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