Pioneer DDJ-ERGO-V

Der neue DJ Controller DDJ-ERGO-V von Pioneer ist ein sehr stylischer und dennoch einfach gehaltener 4-Kanal (!) Controller mit integrierter Soundkarte.

Mit an Bord sind intuitiv benutzbare Zugriffe, also Buttons, Fader und Wheels für Playback, Hot Cues, Sampler und Loops. Trotz der mittleren Preisklasse hat Pioneer trotzdem alle guten EQs und Outputs der großen Brüder mitgepackt.

Ein USB Audiointerface ist an Bord wie arretierbare Fader für die Kanäle und der Crossfader;  weiterhin gibts noch Mic – und Line-Eingänge.


Der DDJ-ERGO-V wird mit der Virtual DJ Limited Edition ausgeliefert, mit der alle Funktionen ohne ein kostenpflichtiges Update verfügbar sind.

Hier erstmal ein nützliches Video mit einem Walkthrough durch alle Funktionen:

Der Controller hat 4 Channels mit Autosyncfunktion, 8 Samplebuttons sowie Hot Cues. Eine neuartige „Pulse Control“ soll via Beleuchtung der Wheels dem DJ beim mixen behilflich sein.

Mit 499€ UVP wird er im mittleren Preissegment angesiedelt sein.

Unten erst einmal das Teaservideo und die englische Pressemitteilung. Wir werden den Artikel updaten sobald wir mehr Infos haben.


Key features

  • Bundled with Virtual DJ LE for DJing right out of the box
    The DDJ-ERGO comes packaged with Atomix Productions’ Virtual DJ Limited Edition with a Pioneer original GUI and a broad range of performance functions straight from the controller.The DDJ-ERGO boasts plentiful dedicated knobs and buttons for all your favourite functions, including four-deck mixing, filters, sample decks and loop recording. This makes it possible to access all the most important controls instantly without pressing the Shift button, which is only required for DJs looking for even more advanced performance features and settings.Plus the MIDI output makes the DDJ-ERGO compatible with most other DJ software on the market, Traktor users can apply the included TSI settings file to control their favourite software.


  • NEW! Pulse control adds a visual dimension for precision performance
    The newly developed Pulse Control uses light to give a visual representation of pitch, beat, effects and which decks are in use. Built-in LEDs enhance your missing precision and add a new dimension to the art of DJing. The main features of Pulse Control include:

    • Mix Pulse: A blue LED on the jog wheel shows how close the phase of the mix is during a mix. The bigger the difference in pitch, the weaker the light. The closer the match, the more intense the light shines.
    • Beat Pulse: LEDs in the channel faders match the beat of the track in play. Plus the strength of the light reflects output levels, so you always know if a track is still in the mix.
    • Launch Pulse: A red light travels from the Load button towards the Jog Wheel to indicate when a track has been loaded.
    • FX Pulse: Various light patterns on the Jog Wheel clearly show which FX DJs have applied.


  • Boasts features from Pioneer’s pro range for top quality sound and ease of operability
    The DDJ-ERGO boasts many features that are unusual at this price point, including the 115mm Jog Wheel from the Pioneer pro-DJ range. The controller has also inherited the same layout as the popular DDJ-T1 and DDJ-S1 controllers. Plus the controller employs the same audio circuitry as Pioneer’s professional mixers for the master out terminal, ensuring a clear, powerful reproduction with no sound degradation.


  • Innovative laptop integration keeps screen in DJs’ line of sight at all times
    Pioneer’s laptop dock design enabled DJs to place laptop keyboards underneath the controller to use as little space as possible and keep the screen in view while using the controls. The DDJ-ERGO can also be adapted to sitting or standing positions; simply set the controller flat on any surface by unscrewing the removable legs.


  • Completely USB-powered for an even easier set up
    The DDJ-ERGO is fully operational from a USB bus through your computer, eliminating the need for an external power supply. There LEDs shine bright and the audio output levels are powerful and loud with no compromise.


  • Unique “Delight” design concept suits every environment
    The controller’s eye-catching design features a black top panel and black and silver half-tone Jog Wheel. With it’s rounded edges and white side panel. The DDJ-ERGO looks good in the studio, the booth or the bedroom.





  • Nico

    Looks like a cheap toy! Absolutely not Pioneer-Like!

  • sinan st.

    ı dont think that its really good , i want this but my friends told me that its like a toy and its for babies ? now i dont knoww what i have to think?? :S


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